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The College Market

The Appalachian gives you a dynamic vehicle by which to reach a vibrant market. The Appalachian is undoubtedly the most effective medium by which to reach the Appalachian State University community.

When you advertise in The Appalachian, your message is distributed to students, faculty, staff and alumni of Appalachian State University. Every Tuesday and Thursday 4,500 papers are printed and made available on campus and in the community.

Helping fuel the growth of the local economy, Appalachian State University community spent $129 million with local businesses and donated $6.1 million to charities. ASU Students alone spend $60.9 million a year with local businesses. Shouldn’t your business take advantage of this rich specialized market.


Student Media
Plemmons Student Union
263 Locust St.
Boone, NC 28608
Adviser: Position Currently Vacant

The Appalachian
Suite 217, Plemmons Student Union
Boone, NC 28608
(828) 262-2157 (business office)

The Peel
Suite 218, Plemmons Student Union
Boone, NC 28608