Office Policies

Academic Standing

Only currently enrolled, full-time students may be considered for paid staff positions on The Appalachian, The Peel or any future student publication. The editor in chief of The Appalachian, the editor of The Peel or the editor of any future student publication must have a cumulative 2.25 grade point average and maintain a 2.25. All associate editors reporters, photographers and graphic designers for The Appalachian and all members of The Peel staff must have a cumulative 2.25 grade point average upon application and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

The Assistant Director for Student Engagement will verify staff GPAs at the end of each semester. Students whose GPAs fall below the minimum must relinquish their position for the remainder of the academic year. If at the end of the academic year they have reached the minimum GPA they may re-apply for a position on the newspaper or literary-arts magazine for the following year. No one on academic probation may serve in any capacity with any student publication.

Access to Student Publications Suite

Access to the Student Publications suite, located on the second floor of Plemmons Student Union, is a privilege granted to students employed as newspaper and literary-arts magazine staffs. As a privilege, it can be revoked by the Lee H. McCaskey Center for Student Involvement and Leadership for any violations of the policies expressed in this document. Access is granted to the editor in chief for all hours that the Plemmons Student Union is in operation. Access is from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m., Monday-Friday, and from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. Saturdays, and 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Sundays.

The student union manager will be provided with a copy of all names of students employed by the Student Publications and only these people will be allowed into the Student Publications suite outside normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Anyone in the publications suite after 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, or during weekends whose name does not appear on the access list can be asked to leave the premises by the student union manager. Any student who refuses to comply with the student union manager’s request to leave will be dismissed from Student Publications for the remainder of the year. Any student who attempts to evade this policy, or who attempts to remain in the suite after hours or when the Student Union is closed will be terminated as an employee of Student Publications and could face criminal trespass charges.


All Student Publication account representatives and business staff should dress in a professional manner while performing duties for Student Publications. This means that T-shirts, gym or cut-off shorts, sweats, etc., are not to be worn during office hours. If your appearance is unacceptable, you will be asked to leave the office and change. Editorial staff should dress appropriately for interviews, event coverage, etc.

Cleaning up the Office

Student Publications staff are responsible for keeping the work area clean. Occasional deep cleaning can be done during down time. Failure to keep an area clean can become cause for loss of access priviledges.

Confidential Information

Some information that you may become privy to could cause harm to the paper or literary-arts magazine, if not handled wisely.

  1. Advertiser credit status is not to be discussed with anyone except the Assistant Director for Student Engagement.
  2. Pay is not to be discussed with anyone, but the employee, payroll clerk and the Assistant Director for Student Engagement.
  3. Confidential information learned during reporting is not to be discussed with anyone, except between the reporter and his/her editors.
  4. Discussions concerning professors, class assignments, and policies that could be considered negative should not be the subject of open conversation in the Student Publications area. Please take those concerns outside the business environs of Student Publications.

Distribution of Printed Materials on Campus

Designated newspaper racks are for the exclusive distribution of The Appalachian student newspaper. Other student publications may be permitted to distribute from these racks if permission is obtained from the editor in chief and Assistant Director for Student Engagement. Violators will be charged the current insert rate.

Early Departure

Vacations or other planned days off are to be scheduled with supervisory approval for periods when absence will not cause hardship for the production of the newspaper, literary magazine, or fellow employees.

Long Distance Access

Employee who must make long distance telephone calls, as part of their job responsibilities, may use the telephone in the newspaper editor in chief's office or the business office, as these are the only two phones with long-distance access. Do not use long distance for personal calls.

Office Behavior

Due to the large number of people who work in the Office of Student Publications, and for the benefit of our customers who deserve our best efforts, it is imperative that we maintain a professional and business-like atmosphere in the office. Profanity will not be tolerated. Your friends, family and pets are not allowed in the office during working hours.

Office Communication

Each day, check your mailbox and your publication's message area, including the Student Media Web site. You should also check your ASU email account daily as that account will be used by the Lee H. McCaskey Center for Student Involvement and Leadership and the Assistant Director for Student Engagement to contact members of the Student Publications staffs. It is your responsibility to "notice the notices."

Outside Employment

It is recognized that many students have off-campus, part-time jobs. The only restriction is that no employee may work for another newspaper, magazine or business which is in direct competition with The Appalachian or The Peel without the approval of the appropriate editor and the Assistant Director for Student Engagement. Also, no employee of Student Publications may also hold a job with the Student Government Association.


See the Assistant Director for Student Engagement.


See the Assistant Director for Student Engagement.

Press Passes & Credentials

Individual press passes and credential letters are available for staff members in connection with official duties. If you require a letter or pass, contact your editor or advisor. Press passes are not to be used for personal entertainment. Anyone violating this policy can be suspended or terminated.


We ask all employees to put forth the extra effort in the university recycling program. Deposit your recyclable paper in the containers provided in the office.


You are responsible for the security of the Student Publications office after business hours. If you are the last person here, please make sure all areas are secure. Under no circumstances are you to let any non-Student Publications persons in the office after hours.

Travel Reimbursements

See the Assistant Director for Student Engagement.

Use of Equipment

Computer equipment, copy machines, fax machines, printers and telephones are not to be used for personal business. Computers are not to be used for class assignments. Work on class assignments should be done on your personal computer or on computers located in one of the many computer labs on campus. Desktops are to be kept relatively free of clutter and soft drinks, coffee and food should not be consumed in the area of computer equipment. If you are unsure of how to operate any equipment, please ask before using. Do not attempt to load any software on any office computer as it is a violation of campus policy. See Assistant Director for Student Engagement with any software requests.

Each staff member shall be assigned a unique user name in which to access the Student Publications server. Do not share your user name or password with anyone else. Print quotas limit the number of pages printable from each user name. Do not use the office printer for personal jobs. Anyone using the printer in a unprofessional manner will be subject to disciplinary action.


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