Student Publications Advisory Board Role

  1. The Student Publications Advisory Board brings together the management teams of The Appalachian, The Rhododendron, and any future student publication for the purpose of:
    1. providing an open vehicle for communication between the major divisions of the newspaper, the yearbook, and any future student publications, and the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership;
    2. allowing organized planning so that the production staff can be responsive to the demands of the student newspaper, the yearbook, and any future student publications and so that planning between the editorial and business staffs of each publication can be coordinated;
    3. refining methods for evaluating the total process for producing the newspaper twice a week, the yearbook and any future student publications;
    4. serving as an advisory board to each of the publications and the components of each, and to the Director of Student Publications, who is responsible for designing and executing proper administrative practices for the support of student publications.

      Within this framework, the board has set these broad objectives from which it operates:
      1. to hear reports from the editor in chief, business manager, production coordinator and associate editor for production from each publication about problems, concerns, and plans that will effect the total process of publications;
      2. to review proposals and policy changes from any member of the board which would change the format, production process, or fiscal well-being of the newspaper, yearbook, and any future student publications;
      3. to act as a personnel grievance review board for matters that cannot be resolved within the organizational structure of the various student publications.
  2. The Student Publications Advisory Board is chaired by the Director of Student Publications, who does not vote except in the case of a tie, but may overturn the decision of the members. Voting members of the board are: The Appalachian’s editor in chief, business manager, and associate editor for production; The Rhododendron’s editor in chief, one (1) section editor, and the associate editor for production; and any corresponding list of managers for any future student publication. At the discretion of the board, other members of the student newspaper, yearbook, or any future student publications may attend and participate in meetings. Unless a specific vote is requested by any member, all matters will be decided by consensus of the group.
  3. The Student Publications Advisory Board shall meet on a regular basis, at a time and place to be determined by the board or the chairman. All members are required to attend these meetings. Absences will be dealt with by the chairman with the advice of the board.
  4. The agenda for each meeting shall be set by the chairman in advance of the meeting. Any member of the board may request an item to be placed on the agenda, preferably before the meeting, but up the opening of the meeting with the consent of the board.
  5. The chairman’s decision of conduct may be appealed by any member of the board. A positive vote of two-thirds of the voting members of the board is required to overturn the chair’s decision of conduct. If the chairman does not concede to the wishes of the board, an appeal may be made by the board to the Director of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. If the appeal is not satisfied at that point, the board may request a hearing by the Student Media Board and/or the Vice Chancellor for Student Development.
  6. These operating guidelines may be amended or added to by three affirmative votes. The Director of Student Publications may elect to override the decision of the board. An appeal to this decision should be followed as set forth in section V.


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